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Summary: PowerLipo™ is an exclusive approach to body contouring that offers excellent results with minimal recovery time. This technique uses a rapidly vibrating cannula, allowing your surgeon to dramatically increase the speed of fat removal, as well as granting the high level of controlled finesse that’s essential for ensuring superior results. There are several reasons why patients love PowerLipo™, but here are four of the biggest advantages.

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1. No Need for General Anesthesia

While advances in anesthetic technology have opened many doors for complicated and life-saving surgical procedures, general anesthesia remains the number one risk for any major surgery, including liposuction. Patients who are interested in body sculpting but feel hesitant about general anesthesia appreciate that PowerLipo™ can be performed using a local anesthetic instead.

The benefits of working with local anesthesia include lower overall surgical costs and improved patient safety. PowerLipo™ even gives the surgeon and patient the ability to communicate during the procedure, allowing for results that are more easily tailored to the patient’s expectations, as well as greater ease of access for harder-to-reach target areas.

2. Less Post-Op Discomfort

Some patients may be surprised to learn just how physically intense a procedure traditional liposuction is for surgeons to perform. Especially in cases requiring removal of larger volumes of fat, surgeon fatigue can be a real issue that could impact results. The vibrating cannula used during PowerLipo™ enables your surgeon to expend less physical energy, allowing for greater surgical control and precision that simultaneously reducing trauma to surrounding tissues during the procedure.

With PowerLipo™, your surgeon can use a gentler physical touch, which in turn minimizes post-operative discomfort during recovery. The mechanized action helps to break up dense adipose tissue without the need for brute force, resulting in an easier removal process. Most patients see noticeably less bruising and swelling after their treatment compared to traditional body sculpting, especially in those areas that are typically more resistant to liposuction.

3. Faster Recovery Time

PowerLipo™ allows for a shorter recovery time than other liposuction methods for the same reasons that postoperative discomfort is decreased: less physical force is needed during the procedure, and trauma to surrounding tissues is diminished. Many patients are surprised to learn that they feel comfortable enough to drive themselves home from the surgery center and may even return to most normal work activities within 24 hours following PowerLipo™. This procedure typically needs just one treatment to get excellent body contouring results, does not require stitches or suture removal, and is usually accompanied by only mild bruising and swelling.

4. Superior Results

Because PowerLipo™ means a faster recovery time, your new look is noticeable almost immediately. This is in contrast to traditional lipo, which often takes weeks or even months before swelling dissipates enough to see visible changes. Within a few days of the surgery, patients should see tighter skin, more beautiful contours, and increased muscle definition. Optimal results will be visible at around 3 months post-procedure.

The combination of a gentler approach, decreased surgical time, and the ability to remove larger volumes of fat with less physical effort makes PowerLipo™ distinctly advantageous over traditional liposuction. However, it’s important to remember that the best liposuction outcomes depend most of all on the patient’s selection of a qualified and skilled surgeon, and in not the specific technique used. In the right hands, however, PowerLipo™ remains a superior choice for a beautiful final look.

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