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Summary: There are a few target spots that represent the majority of liposuction procedures, like around the belly, through the thighs or to get rid of “love handles.” In reality, there are a number of areas on the body that can be dramatically improved through the use of some well-targeted liposuction. Here’s a look at three locations that can help you look amazing after a little lipo.


Upper Arms

The upper arms are one of the places where the body likes to store extra fat, particularly in women. This means that no matter how many arm curls or pull-ups you practice, you may have trouble achieving a higher level of muscle definition with biology working against you. The problem isn’t actually that your muscles aren’t developing; they are. You just can’t tell with that cushion of fat in the way.

Upper arm liposuction removes the extra fat cells the body insists on keeping around. With some judicious slimming, improved muscle tone will be revealed. Remember, though, that if a saggy appearance in your upper arms is due to loose skin rather than just excess fat, an arm lift may be necessary for the full effect.


Not many people think of their neck as a place where they’d like to lose weight. Yet, it’s very common to gain weight throughout the upper neck, jaw and chin area, especially as you age. This extra fatty tissue can age your appearance dramatically; liposuction eliminates those fat cells to reveal a more well-defined jaw line to help you look younger and slimmer. Lipo in the neck can also help you get rid of the appearance of a double chin.

Like the upper arm, the look of a loose neck and jowl area may be partially due to excess skin rather than fatty deposits alone. If this is the case, a face lift and/or neck lift can be incorporated at the same time to restructure lax muscles and excise any remaining tissue that takes away from your new contours.


The transition from leg to ankle is supposed to be streamlined and delicate. At the very least, it should certainly be visible. When the leg rushes straight down to the foot without the accustomed tapering, the resulting “cankle,” or combination calf and ankle, can look awkward and make patients feel self-conscious.

When approached cautiously, some light liposuction through the calf and ankle are can make a big difference in terms of profile and self-esteem. Lipo helps sculpt a more apparent, slender transition between the foot and the calf.

Taking the Right Approach

The key in getting liposuction results you’ll love isn’t about doing exactly what everyone else is doing. Instead, focus on bringing out the best features in your unique body. For many, this means thinking outside of the box when it comes to cosmetic procedures, especially liposuction.

Don’t get too hung up on the idea of liposuction just to make you skinnier around the belly. Instead, take a look at the big picture of your body so you can directly address the problem spots that you struggle with the most. This might be the tummy and love handles for one patient, but for another, liposuction in the arms, the neck or even to eliminate the appearance of cankles might be the best approach, depending on what will help you feel great about your new look.

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